ACOFDC Partners Brown Venture Group (BVG) to accelerate tech investment in Africa and Scale a global, interdependent, Black tech economy..

Global Press Release

Minneapolis, MN April 22, 2022 — Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC) partners with Brown Venture Group (BVG) to accelerate tech investments in Africa and the diaspora communities — turning Africa’s most difficult challenges into global business opportunities.

The ACOFDC is convinced that start-ups play an essential role in developing innovative solutions that meet the needs of developing and emerging countries. They have real potential in terms of job creation and impacts on Africa’s development.

It is for this reason that the ACOFDC and BVG are partnering to co-create a strategic private initiative to bolster the African economy using ACOFDC’s AIM model (Acceleration, Incubation, Mentoring/hybrid) to bolster investment in the tech ecosystem in Africa driven by Brown Venture Group’s investment framework and thesis. The partnership seeks to:

  • Develop a multi-year, co-created strategy to accelerate technology investments on the African Continent and within the African Diaspora globally.
  • Strengthen the relationships between African leaders and African-American leaders.
  • Scale a global, interdependent, Black tech economy.

Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC), Inc. is an (advocacy as a service) Minnesota Non-profit organization, focusing on the acceleration of the adoption and application of emerging technology and policy re-engineering in Africa and Diaspora nations.

Brown Venture Group (BVG), LLC is a US-based venture capital firm that invests exclusively in Black, LatinX and Indigenous/Native technology startups.

Prepared & Signed by:

Jiraji Kelvin Tersoo, Engr.

Head of Communications(HoC)


Phone: +1(763)313–9887

Twitter/Space — @acofdcinc


LinkedIn /@acofdcinc

Medium /@acofdcinc





Non profit organization

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Non profit organization

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