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Minneapolis, MN — July 10, 2023 — — The Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC) is delighted to announce the appointment of her esteemed Chair, Professor Kelly to the position of Director on the board of the African Trade and Insurance Agency (ATIDI).

This prestigious appointment highlights Professor Kelly’s exceptional expertise and dedication to unlocking the financial potential of the African continent.

ATIDI is a leading organization committed to fostering economic growth and facilitating trade and insurance services across Africa. With a strong focus on driving sustainable development and bolstering economic stability, ATIDI plays a pivotal role in supporting businesses and governments in overcoming financial challenges and promoting regional integration.

Professor Kelly’s appointment to the board of ATIDI marks a significant milestone in his illustrious career. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in finance engineering, Professor Kelly is poised to bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to further advance ATIDI’s mission. As a renowned thought leader in the field, his expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the agency’s efforts to enhance financial inclusivity, promote cross-border trade, and strengthen insurance services throughout Africa.

Speaking about his appointment, Professor Kelly expressed his gratitude and excitement, stating, “It is an honor to join the board of ATIDI, an organization that has consistently demonstrated its commitment to fostering economic growth and stability in Africa. I am thrilled to contribute to ATIDI’s efforts in unlocking the continent’s financial potential and driving digital transformation within the trade and insurance sectors.”

Professor Kelly’s appointment aligns with ACOFDC’s vision of harnessing the power of digital commerce to drive economic development in Africa. ACOFDC is confident that Professor Kelly’s involvement with ATIDI will create synergies between the two organizations, facilitating collaboration and innovation to address the evolving needs of businesses and governments across the continent.

As the African continent continues to evolve and embrace the digital era, Professor Kelly’s expertise will play a vital role in shaping ATIDI’s strategic direction and ensuring its continued success in unlocking the financial potential of Africa.

About Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC):

ACOFDC is a diasporal-ed nonprofit organization domiciled in the US whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of emerging technology across all industries in Africa through advocacy, education, and strategic partnerships in collaboration with policy makers, regulatory agencies, tech investors and captains of industries.

About African Trade and Insurance Agency (ATIDI):

The African Trade and Insurance Agency (ATIDI) is a prestigious organization committed to unlocking the financial potential of the African continent. ATIDI’s mandate includes promoting regional integration, supporting trade facilitation, and providing insurance and financial products that foster economic growth and stability in Africa.


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