Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC) MD, Sub-Saharan Africa, Mr. Kelvin Jiraji led delegation to the Qatar Economic Forum (QEF23) to foster the Chamber’s ties with the Gulf region to accelerate digitalization of the African economy to enhance digital trade, digital commerce, digital infrastructure and smart investment.

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FCT-Abuja, Nigeria-June 03, 2023— The Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce is pleased to announce that, Kelvin Jiraji, the Managing Director, Sub-Saharan Africa of our organization, led a delegation of it’s global advisory board, members and industry leaders to the prestigious Qatar Economic Forum to further bolster it’s partnership with the Gulf region and to accelerate the digitization of the African economy in alignment with the Qatar Economic Forum on the Subject of Blockchain, AI, Metaverse, and Smart Investment .

The Forum, which took place in Doha from 23rd-25th, May, 2023, is one of the most anticipated gatherings of global business leaders, policymakers, and influential thinkers in the world.

The Qatar Economic Forum serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas, fostering collaboration, and exploring opportunities in various sectors, including technology, innovation, finance, and sustainability. With a focus on shaping the future of the global economy, this forum provides an invaluable opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, and advancing strategic partnerships.

With a deep understanding of the digital landscape in Africa and its impact on global trade, ACOFDC is at the forefront of advocating for policies that promote digital innovation and economic empowerment.

Top on the agenda for the chamber’s African operations is to position the chamber to become a leading voice in championing digital transformation, no code low code programing, fostering digital literacy, digital trade, digital commerce, and supporting remote jobs aggregation.

By participating in the Qatar Economic Forum, the ACOFDC aims to showcase the importance of emerging technologies in driving economic growth, fostering entrepreneurship, and creating sustainable and inclusive societies.

During the forum, Mr. Kelvin led the team and some members of the chamber to a bilateral meeting with the Director General of the Investment Promotion Agency of Mauritania (APIM), the Governmental entity in charge of National and Foreign Direct Investments, as well as the investment climate of the country.

Furthermore, the MD and team also met with the leadership of the Invest in Qatar, the Investment Promotion Agency of Qatar (IPA Qatar), the agency overseeing investment promotion activities under the Invest Qatar brand. The Head of Special Projects; Mr. Adetunji Anthony Adeleke shared some of the chamber’s initiatives prominent among them was the Diaspora Bank.

Hue Seth; Founder and Managing Partner at HUEMAN Capital | CEO at HUEMAN Lab | Middle East & Africa, Michael President (Pres) Anderson of MPAC Crypto, Julius Kaigama Jr of Quantum Capital | Tembekasua Inc., Lucky Uwakwe of Sabi Groups and Thomas Ao of Mindfulness Capital were part of the chamber’s delegation.

Some prominent topics at the forum which ties to our vision in the chamber includes; Harnessing the power of Blockchain, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence in real life, Technology investing in Uncertain times, Re-engineering Globalization, Creating a Long-term investment strategy, Thriving in volatility, the future of foreign direct investment in challenging economic times, and the business of sport.

The Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce is honored to be a part of the Qatar Economic Forum and looks forward to engaging in meaningful discussions, forging strategic alliances, and contributing to the global dialogue on digital transformation.


The Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC) is a leading industry advocacy as a service organization dedicated to advocating for the digital economy and empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age. Our mission is to foster digital innovation, promote regulatory frameworks that enable growth, and provide a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration among industry leaders. Through our initiatives, programs, and policy advocacy, we strive to create a vibrant digital ecosystem that drives economic prosperity and inclusivity.

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