Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC) Partners Dream VC to democratize access to African Venture Capital Space.

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3 min readMar 27, 2023

Global Press Release

Minneapolis, MN & London, United Kingdom — March 27, 2023Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC) and Dream VC are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic ecosystem partnership to democratize access to African Venture Capital Space.

Domestic capital will play a vital role in accelerating economic growth in Africa. According to Africa: The Big Deal, venture capital investment in Africa has increased 15x in the last six years with the most active investors driving the growth being predominantly local investors such as Launch Africa who invest in more than a deal a week on average.

The new partnership between the ACOFDC and Dream VC is focused on engaging, teaching and upskilling a much larger untapped investor talent pool across Africa and globally with the African diaspora.

Dream VC’s fully remote programs run on an annual cohort basis with a tailored focus on the African startup ecosystem. The curriculum of Dream VC’s programs goes beyond theory, exploring application and going into live case studies, actual deals and draws on actual experience from active Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors already plugged in and investing within the African continent.

Dream VC will be hosting two masterclasses in partnership with the ACOFDC: one geared towards founders and another targeting investors, which will begin in April 2023. Interested individuals are encouraged to follow both Dream VC and ACOFDC’s social media pages for details in the days ahead.

Speaking about the partnership, Kelvin Jiraji — MD Sub-Saharan Africa for the Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC) said: “This partnership aligns with our initiative of empowering founders on the continent and in the diaspora; the AIM Hybrid (Acceleration, Incubation and Mentoring). Beyond equipping founders, we are creating a safe space for fund managers and aspiring Investors Keen on Launching into Venture Capital. In addition to other initiatives we are pursuing, we are hoping that this partnership with Dream VC will help to further open up the investment landscape in Africa.”

Mark Kleyner — Co-Founder of Dream VC: “Our mission at Dream VC is to accelerate African investors, and part of this work involves unlocking domestic capital by training and equipping future trailblazers that will catalyze a unique path into venture capital and angel investing across the continent. We know that African investment ecosystem is growing significantly, so this collaboration with the ACOFDC will enable us to equip African founders, VCs, fund managers, exited founders with the tools and resources they need to achieve superior returns by investing in the continent’s growing businesses.”

As the first event of the partnership, ACOFDC and Dream VC are announcing a masterclass for investors and aspiring investors curious about the African Venture Capital ecosystems, investment opportunities in Africa and job opportunities in the African Startup Investment space. Interested individuals can register interest for this free masterclass on


ACOFDC is a diaspora led nonprofit organization domiciled in the US whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of emerging technology across all industries in Africa through advocacy, education, and strategic partnerships in collaboration with policy makers, regulatory agencies, tech investors and captains of industries.

About Dream VC

Dream VC is an investor accelerator dedicated to training the next generation of African-focused investors globally and specifically unlocking the untapped potential of investing and driving Venture Capital activity ‘on the ground’ in Africa.

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