Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce(ACOFDC) Partners RegTech Africa to deliver tailored Coverage of the ACOFDC Summit’22

ACOFDC Summit Press & Newsletter


Minneapolis, MN & Lagos, Nigeria — February 02, 2022 — Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC) and RegTech Africa are pleased to announce they have entered into a long-term strategic partnership.

This partnership brings together RegTech’s unparalleled insights into enterprise innovative regulatory and financial technology with ACOFDC’s solution-driven initiatives and network to share content for their mutual benefit and promote each other’s activities to accelerate socio-economic development in Africa and the diaspora communities.

RegTech Africa is an emergent digital tech media platform with a niche focus on innovative regulatory and supervisory initiatives across Africa and beyond.

“Partnering with RegTech Africa — a media platform whose readership is similar to ACOFDC’s target audience will ensure maximum promotion and coverage of the ACOFDC Summit ’22 at USA Pavilion / Expo 2020 Dubai”, said Kelvin Jiraji, Head of Communications of the Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce.

“We are committed to diligently carry out the chamber’s promotional activities. We want to give maximum promotion and coverage of the ACOFDC Summit’ 22 and other activities of the chamber to accelerate opportunities for startups, corporations and governments in emerging markets”, said Cyril Okoroigwe, CEO and founding partner.

Prepared & Signed by:

Jiraji Kelvin Tersoo, Engr.

Head of Communications(HoC)


Phone: +1(763)313–9887

Twitter/Space — @acofdcinc

Instagram: @acofdcinc

LinkedIn — /@acofdcinc

Medium- /@acofdcinc





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