Emergent Africa Forum 2021 Recap

Emergent Africa Forum at the Twin Cities Startup Week 2021 (TCSW’21)

(Operational and Commercial Recap)

Chair, Vitalis Tita; VP Communications

  1. Dame Pauline Tallen, Minister of Women Affairs, Federal Republic of Nigeria
  1. NatQuest, UK
  2. Pythagoras Capital
  3. PORA Digital (Diaspora Digital Bank)
  4. Agritech Hub, Nigeria
  5. Zucchini Limited
  6. Better Greens LLC
  7. Google for Startups
  8. QuatroXi Consulting, LLC
  9. Village Seed Ventures
  10. Axalio Digital Bank, South Africa
  11. Savannah Silos, Nigeria
  12. Bankuish Inc, USA
  13. Women In Tech,South Africa
  14. Her Story Matters-UK
  15. Domineum, UK
  16. Analytics Intelligence, UK



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