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3 min readJun 4, 2023

[Doha, Qatar — June 4, 2023] — The Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC) is delighted to announce its plans to establish a Gulf operational base in Doha, Qatar. This strategic move aims to enhance the organization’s efforts in building the Diaspora Bank, while recognizing the vital role of the regulatory atmosphere and the Diaspora community in the Gulf region for the successful implementation of this transformative initiative.

The decision to establish a Gulf operational base in Doha was officially unveiled by the President and CEO of ACOFDC during a recent meeting with Qatari QATAR INVEST on the sidelines of the prestigious Qatar Economic Forum 2023. The meeting served as a platform for meaningful discussions on fostering collaboration and expanding digital commerce opportunities between Africa and the Gulf region.

The establishment of the Gulf operational base will bolster ACOFDC’s capabilities in spearheading the development of the Diaspora Bank, a groundbreaking project aimed at empowering and enabling the African diaspora to actively participate in the digital economy. By bridging the gap between Africa and the Gulf region, ACOFDC seeks to leverage the immense potential of digital commerce to drive economic growth, foster innovation, and create sustainable opportunities for both regions.

The regulatory atmosphere in the Gulf region, including Qatar, is of paramount importance to the successful realization of the Diaspora Bank. ACOFDC recognizes the necessity of working closely with regulatory authorities to ensure compliance and create an enabling environment that fosters innovation while safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders involved.

The vibrant Diaspora community in the Gulf region plays a pivotal role in driving economic and social development. ACOFDC believes that by establishing its Gulf operational base in Doha, it can engage and collaborate more effectively with the Diaspora community, gaining valuable insights, and fostering a sense of ownership and participation in the Diaspora Bank project.

ACOFDC remains committed to its mission of promoting digital commerce and accelerating economic transformation across Africa. By expanding its operations to Doha, Qatar, the organization is poised to strengthen its global footprint and advance its strategic goals. This move reflects ACOFDC’s dedication to fostering collaboration and innovation, ensuring the empowerment of the African diaspora, and ultimately driving sustainable economic growth in Africa.

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The Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC) is a leading organization dedicated to promoting digital commerce, fostering innovation, and driving economic transformation across Africa. ACOFDC focuses on leveraging technology to empower businesses and individuals, particularly the African diaspora, and to unlock the immense potential of digital trade and entrepreneurship. Through partnerships, advocacy, and knowledge-sharing initiatives, ACOFDC aims to create sustainable economic opportunities and shape the future of digital commerce in Africa.

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