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2 min readOct 16, 2022

Lucky Uwakwe, pioneer of African Blockchain Movement Community Joins ACOFDC Global Advisory Board

Minneapolis, MN, October 29, 2022 — Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC), an advocacy as a service organization, today announced the appointment of Lucky Uwakwe, Founder/CEO of Sabi Group (the hub for fourth industrial revolution), and advisor Standard Protocol to its advisory board. Lucky joins Eric Kaigama, founder and CEO of the ACOFDC, and other notable advisory members to help founders and organizations with a one-stop shop for advocacy as a service, policy re-engineering and execution of the chamber’s initiatives.

“ACOFDC is a chamber that has initiated some far reaching initiatives for Africa and the diaspora communities, and along with its vital growth and trajectory. Eric Kaigama and team have an incredible vision as the chamber transcends conventional chamber of commerce to an advocacy as a service organization.” Lucky Uwakwe, CEO of Sabi Group.

“As a startup founder myself, I love to work with doers who have a clear understanding of how they will play a pivotal role in shaping web 3 and the future of work — and Eric recognized this from the beginning.”

A seasoned B2B stable coin analyst, Lucky Uwakwe is the Chief Executive Officer of Sabi Group, a leading digital asset exchange platform based on the Huobi Cloud technology and currently offers trading and investment of more than 100 digital asset pairs including OTC (fiat-crypto trading), crypto-crypto trading, etc. Taking early lead role in many DeFi projects such as Yearn Finance II, Standard Protocol alongside some GameFi and NFT projects across the globe.

“Lucky’s expertise in blockchain technology and decentralized finance (defi) pairs well with our focus on delivering the right blockchain powered initiatives for our diverse customer base,” said Eric Kaigama, President and CEO of ACOFDC. Together, we’ll leverage that expertise to innovate and create initiatives that will unlock growth and development on the continent of Africa and in the diaspora communities/nations.``


ACOFDC is a diaspora led nonprofit organization domiciled in the US whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of emerging technology across all industries in Africa through advocacy, education, and strategic partnerships in collaboration with policy makers, regulatory agencies, tech investors and captains of industries.

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